EMMC Champion the Cure Challenge

Fishing for a Cure (CV)

Join team Fishing for a Cure and participatte in Champion the Cure Challenge 2017 on August 19th!

Team Fishing for a Cure celebrates the life of Brandon Washburn. In May of 2013, at the age of 25, Brandon was diagnosed with cancer. He battled cancer with admirable strength and courage and was very passionate about giving back, even while facing his battle. One way Brandon thought about others and was committed to making a difference in the fight against cancer was by starting team Fishing for a Cure in the summer of 2013. Brandon heard about Champion the Cure Challenge while receiving treatment at the Lafayette Family Cancer Center and wanted to give back by supporting local cancer research. As Brandon’s cancer progressed Brandon expressed his wishes for his team to continue. With amazing support from family and friends his wish and his memory will continue to live on.

  • CTCC 2013: over 80 members and just over $10,000 raised
  • CTCC 2014: 201 members and $29,763 raised
  • CTCC 2015: 133 members and $17,367 raised
  • CTCC 2016: 117 members and $15,569 raised


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We are dedicated to our family, friends, and community who have been touched by cancer. We fight for those who have cancer. We remember those who have lost the battle with cancer. We look forward to a future without cancer.

Join our team. Join the Challenge. Help us raise money for local cancer research.

CTCC was started in 2009 to help raise money for local cancer research. Since then it has grown into a hugely successful event with more than participants. Thank you for helping us make the next CTCC even better. Your support is truly appreciated.

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